Embedded Marketing

TrueNorth is not just a company that our client's use for outsourcing graphic design and website development services. We are a trusted, valued partner that in many cases are embedded within the the client organization as their marketing arm. Organizations that benefit most from our services are start-ups and small- to mid-sized privately held organizations where:

• The owner has been coordinating the marketing single-handedly
• The Director or VP of Sales is dually serving as a marketing manager
• In-house marketing is swamped – they need support sometimes or with specialized services
• Marketing is handled by a staff member without enough experience 

The unique relationship we have with our client's is demonstrated in their testimonials and the longevity that we have been doing business with them. That longevity and deep knowledge of their industry makes us an extremely valuable investment with intimate knowledge of their operations, products and services. This knowledge translates into seamless execution for all marketing including print, websites, trade shows and digital media such as e-blasts and content generation for search engine indexes including IEEE (GlobalSpec) and Thomas Register.

TrueNorth partners with our clients to develop annual marketing plans by product, target market or both. Our clients enjoy peace of mind that they are on track and on budget throughout the year in achieving marketing goals based on a comprehensive strategy and tactics calendar.


Our outsourced marketing services have been recognized nationally for their successful outcomes in increased customer engagement and revenue.

Outsourced marketing lightens the load for company owners and busy managers who are already wearing too many hats in their organization.

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By implementing our deep experience in creative thinking and graphic design skills, TrueNorth produces effective sales tools and advertising campaigns for all media. Our copy writing and graphic design solutions include practical consideration to the message, the creative and the medium.

The B2B landscape has changed and reaching your customers through the clutter is harder than ever. The stakes are higher for your advertising and branding to be noticed. Timelines are shorter, budgets are tighter and there's no room for wasted corporate marketing resources.

Our creative services start with a detailed project brief that allows our clients to rest assured we heard their input, grasp their needs and have a plan. Our execution hits the mark without wasted time on irrelevant concepts and superficial creative. Our technical knowledge for copy writing is based on years of experience writing for manufacturer's, engineers, start-ups and fortune 500 OEM's.

Like any quality assurance initiative, successful B2B creative is achieved by setting standards.

In many cases our creative is driven by our client's brand standards. lf you do not have them, we define the standards for you. No matter how you need to communicate, whether it's a trade show, website, brochure or sponsorship, you will have continuity and recognition of your brand- across town or around the world.


• Branding
• Copy Writing
• Brochures and Collateral
• Annual Reports
• Advertising Campaigns
• Product Naming
• Packaging
• Product Launches
• E-Mail Campaigns
• Direct Mail
• Trade Show Booths
• Trade Show Promotions
• Corporate Comms
• Special Projects Branding
• E-Blast Set-Up and Reporting
• PR and White Papers


Website Design & Development


Knowing how to successfully design or redesign and launch a web site means knowing how to plan the site for the optimum visitor experience. TrueNorth plans every site with a detailed overview of the goals and objectives and research into the customer's audience and competition. Website design and development tools and functionality evolve quickly, and TrueNorth keeps pace so that our client's have the most cutting edge website in their industry.


• Web Site Consulting
• Web Site Graphic Design
• Web Site Development
• Content Generation
• Content Management