Corporate Communications

Creative consulting from branding to strategic marketing plans and tactical execution.


What is a brand anyway? For a startup it is the beginning of their presence in the marketplace with their logo and standards in place to be recognized and nurture their brand. For an established company it is what a customer thinks and expects of them based on a promise. The ultimate brand is a culture one wants to be associated with; APPLE, NIKE, NORTH FACE. This is the apex of branding, when a company is not just a name, but has a relationship with it's customers.

Website Planning & Design

There are some things you can skimp on in marketing. Your website is not one of them.

Trade Shows
Trade Show | Environmental Design

From global trade shows to Main Street, first impressions mean the most.

Packaging & Dimensional
Packaging & Dimensional

Sometimes a project goes beyond print and web, it requires a special category all by itself of creative challenges and solutions. Packaging design and special projects that require three dimensional thinking are a favorite topic for TrueNorth. We've not only designed Clio-award winning packaging but entire business lobby's and R&D centers with a dimensional look and feel that matches their brand.